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Thank you for visiting. I created this site in July of 2014 hoping to find a hobby and creative outlet. I thoroughly enjoyed building this site and the time I spent connecting with people on Twitter. However, the inspiration to keep up the site did not last. I decided to keep the content I did create published as I think there are some timeless things here to explore.

The Wine, Women & Song Club is your invitation to celebrate women in wine and women in song. There are thousands of women in wine and music that fly under the radar with their talent, humor, intelligence, charm and beauty. These women have personal truths and stories that make us laugh, cry and want to change the world. Let’s get to know them and each other as we drink wine and enjoy their songs. (Read more about this site by clicking The Label above.)

This is a new space, launched in July 2014,

and it’s wonderful that you are visiting.

If you have a few more minutes, allow me to give you a tour.

Blog Notes is where you’ll find blog posts about wine, music and women who work and create in these spaces.

Playlists contains links to all playlists created (16 so far) with themes such as Girl On Fire, Dream On, Money Honey and Girls Night Out. The playlists are on Spotify and some are on Mixcloud as well.

Swirl Chat informs you about our Google Hangouts. Several times each month we’ll hang out and talk about life, wine and music. This is a great way to get to know each other. You can sit in your favorite chair, share laughs and life with others and not worry about drinking and driving.

The Label, a refreshing name for the usual “About” page, is a short read with a really cool graphic.

Swirl Box is a store where you can buy themed gift boxes. Perfect for a self-appreciation gift or a gift for someone you love. The types of Swirl Boxes are also listed to the right.


Article Name
Welcome to Wine, Women & Song Club
Your invitation to celebrate women in wine and song. Drink a little drink, sing a little song and let's get to know each other.